Creating Personal Photo Crystals

Crystal printing is the process of using specially coated photographic paper which contains crystals printed on it in order to give off a photographic image when viewed through the glass. In the past, this type of printing was done with oil paints and it has been found that this type of printing gives excellent results as far as quality and durability were concerned. However, the price of this kind of printing is always very high. With the development of newer technology and new ways to print images on paper, companies have been trying different methods to achieve cost effective and affordable printing for their products.

One of the methods being used is called sublimation crystal printing. In this method, inkjet paper is filled with small amounts of ink which is covered by a layer of heat resistant clear photo crystals. When viewed through the glass, these photo crystals give out a color that is consistent and brilliant. The process is very easy and simple but it still needs professional assistance for it to be successfully carried out. The best thing about sublimation photo crystals is that they are quite cheap and are available in different sizes and shapes for your personal or commercial use.

Another method commonly used is called crystal coating. The process of using crystal coatings is much similar to that of sublimation printing in terms of its use. However, the crystal coating is applied directly onto a glass object. There are no layers of heat-resistant clear photo crystals before being applied onto the glass object. This makes this method a little bit difficult to apply as there is no way for the crystal coating to be spread into the material.

Flatbed and semi-flatbed printing is also used to print pictures on glass. The method involves placing the flatbed or semi-flatbed scanner onto the flatbed or semi-flat bed of the printer in order to generate the image. Once you are done with the printing job, the images are transferred directly onto the glass surface. This process is quite the same as printing pictures onto regular paper. The only difference between the two processes is that the images are printed directly onto the glass and not through the use of an inkjet cartridge.

Flatbed printing has its own advantages when compared to that of the traditional digital UV flatbed methods. One of the most popular reasons for the popularity of the digital flatbed UV flatbed is that you can directly print pictures from your digital camera. There are no extra steps needed in order to print the picture, the photo simply needs to be printed on the glass surface. Another advantage of flatbed printing is that you do not need to use any additional equipment during the process. The images are transferred directly from the camera to the glass and are not printed along with the photo.

Using photo crystals for either personal or commercial purposes is a great idea. You can create beautiful gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings and more. You can even make your own custom birthday gift by choosing a photo crystal to imprint with a special message. It makes a great personal birthday gift and also a great keepsake for those who love to collect 3d photo crystals. Even if you do not use photo crystals as a format for personal reasons, you will still find great uses for this unique type of personal gift.